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DCM 01 DCM 01

Original spec Dunlop Mag Racing wheel as used at LeMans, this is a 7" front. Supplied with drive plate and pegs.

DCM 01 DCM 01

As above but 8" Rear Mag LWE

DCM 02 DCM 02

Front and rear LWE hubs.

£350 (each)
DCM 04 DCM 04

Chrome wheel spinners for D'type and LWE. Made from Ali-Bronze as original.

£175 Each
DCM 06 DCM 06

Original Factory spec D'type and Lister Light Alloy Dunlop Racing wheel.
Also fitted to the Austin Healey.
Built to order with rims of 5" and 5.5x16, off-set to your requirements.

£1450 Each
Polished D'type Polished D'type

Original D'type wheels supplied polished typically fitted to the XKSS.

£1600 Each
DCM 07 DCM 07

Peg Drive hubs for the D'type replicas

£350 Each
DCM 08 DCM 08

Mk9 Front brake calipers without Alloy brake cylinders and mounting bracket.

DCM 09 DCM 09

Up-Rated Front anti roll bar for fast road use.

DCM 09 DCM 09

Up-Rated Front anti roll bar for fast road use.

Dunlop Brake bracket Dunlop Brake bracket

MK9 Brake mounting bracket, FIA as original. With this bracket you can run with a full size MK9 disc.

£105 Each
Adjustable fulcrum shafts Adjustable fulcrum shafts

Adjustable Fulcrum shafts for LWE, this shafts gives that extra 2 deg neg camber.

£300 pair
Conought wheels Conought wheels

Early Original 12 hole D'type and Conought wheels.
These wheels were fitted to the first D'type's before they were fitted with the production 15 hole wheels. If you have an early D'type you should have the 12 hole wheel not 15 hole.

£1500 each
Dunlop Wheel repairs Dunlop Wheel repairs

We can repair and restore you Dunlop wheels, from painting and re-riveting to replacing rims or centres.

Phase 1 FIA LWE Dunlop Racing wheel Phase 1 FIA LWE Dunlop Racing wheel

These wheel are the original Dunlop Racing wheel as fitted to the Roadster and FHC, the size is 6".
If you wish to get FIA papers on a FHC you will have to use these wheels as the Mags are now not allowed.

£1550 each